Friday, February 17, 2012

Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

It is no secret that without our volunteers, we would have a very hard time doing our jobs. They are the backbone of this institution; our docents that look after the exhibits; our collections crew that adds new artifacts to our database; our research committee that helps visitors find historical information; our Shenandoah Restoration volunteers that help to restore the vessel, even in the freezing cold; our education volunteers that have put together an incredible Midway Pioneer School Experience for elementary students; and the countless more that don't fit into a "type" but are just as helpful and appreciated.

We thank you, volunteers!

Here are some photos from our volunteer appreciation luncheon on February 14, 2012. (click on "read more" to view more photographs)
Click on the photographs to see them large

Photographs by Tatyana Searcy
© 2012 Harbor History Museum. All rights reserved.


  1. Nice to see such happy faces!

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