Saturday, April 7, 2012

The verdict is visitors are loving our new exhibit "With a Loving Eye: The Photographs of Jini Dellaccio."  Reading through the comments in the "Dear Jini..." guestbook, people are in awe of Jini's beautiful and compelling black and white imagery.  Saying "large format prints" just doesn't do justice to the 26 framed images on display. Haunting, beautiful, powerful, wonderful, incredible...these are just a few words used in the "Dear Jini" comments to describe her photography.

Museum staff and our collaborators from the Jini Dellaccio Collection have been planning this exhibit for several years, so please come down and see these works of art and learn about Jini Dellaccio and her legacy.  What a thrill it is to have this exhibit here...and to provide a beautiful exhibit gallery just for Jini!

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  1. As one visitor said to me "It is almost as though you can see into their (subjects) soul when you look at their eyes." If that is not a recommendation for Jini Dellaccio's work I don't know what is.

  2. There is now a cell phone audio tour for the Jini Dellaccio exhibit. Jini shares her thoughts and experience about 10 of her photographs in the exhibit. Be sure to come in and listen to Jini herself talk about her work.