Friday, June 8, 2012

Pt. Fosdick Ferry Landing Opens, June 8, 1928

Ferry City of Tacoma approaches the Pt. Fosdick Landing
On June 8, 1928, ferry traffic began between Point Fosdick and the end of Sixth Avenue in Tacoma.  Gig Harbor had begun ferry service in 1917 at the head of Gig Harbor,  west Gig Harbor in 1926 [now the Tides Tavern] and outside the mouth of Gig Harbor on February 24, 1928.

Pt. Fosdick was used until the first Narrows Bridge was opened in July 1940.  Deconstruction began a few months later with the expectation that it was unneeded.  But, with Galloping Gertie collapsing on November 7, 1940, Washington Navigation Co, who ran the ferries, had to scramble. Owner Bill Skansie told his wife, "We're back in business again!" Ferries began to run the next morning, November 8.

Unfortunately, the ferry landing at Point Fosdick was unusable, so the service was only between Gig Harbor and Pt. Defiance for a few weeks while crews rebuilt the Pt. Fosdick Landing.  Then all service shifted between Pt. Fosdick, Fox Island and Titlow Beach, Tacoma.  The landing outside the harbor was closed forever.

With the opening of the 1950 bridge, Pt. Fosdick was permanently closed and dismantled.  Today there is little trace of the landings or pilings beneath the beautiful homes that grace the hillside.

Linda McCowen, Historic Photo Editor
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