Sunday, July 1, 2012

The First Time We Bridged the Narrows

The idea of bridging the Tacoma Narrows had been talked about for many years.  In December 1927, the Gig Harbor Chamber of Commerce discussed it.  The next May, the Tacoma Chamber followed suit.  

A slogan contest was announced in 1937, with the winner announced the next month.  Effie A Jenks won with "Span the Narrows, Bridge the Gap, Put this Peninsula, On the Map!" A year later, construction began.

The bridge deck is nearly completed.
This aerial views shows Gig Harbor, with Wollochet Bay in the background.
 The first Narrows Bridge opened July 1, 1940 with much fanfare.  The celebration lasted four days.

The crowd views the cars approaching the west side of the Narrows Bridge on Opening Day, 1940.  
In only four months, on November 7, 1940, the bridge would collapse.  Once again, the ferries would be back in business until the 1950 bridge was built.  Only the caissons could be saved for the new bridge.

Linda McCowen, Historic Photo Editor
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