Thursday, November 29, 2012

An Afternoon with Miss Lucy Goodman

Miss Lucy Goodman

Lucy Goodman is a name well known around Gig Harbor. She was a beloved educator who devoted her entire life to teaching generations of peninsula students. On Saturday, December 8, at 11 am, Miss Lucy will come to life in the Harbor History Museum's historic Midway School. As of now, there are only seven seats left for this special presentation - RSVP required! Admission: Harbor History Museum members free, non-members museum admission ($7) plus $5 program admission.

Miss Lucy and graduating students

Miss Lucy will be brought to life by living history performer Karen Haas. Karen is well known in Washington state for her wonderful presentations of women in history. To bring these women to life, Karen spends a remarkable amount of time researching each individual by reading through personal diaries, newspaper articles, oral history transcripts, books, and more. We are excited to have her as our beloved "Miss Lucy."

More about Karen and Miss Lucy...

Karen Haas is a historian and living history performer who feels especially rewarded telling the tales of those whose voices are usually silent in history - the women. An experienced teacher, she turned an avocation of history into a vocation as an educator at Fort Nisqually Living History Museum and curator of education at the White River Valley Museum in Auburn. She has researched and developed a broad variety of living history programs designed to teach and and pique an interest in the past for audiences of all ages. In 2009, she had the pleasure of delving into Harbor History Museum's archives and learning about Gig Harbor's indefatigable teacher, Lucy Goodman. Member of one of Gig Harbor's first Caucasian families, "Miss Lucy" started her teaching career in a one-room schoolhouse. She was one of the first teachers at the new Gig Harbor two-room schoolhouse at the corner of today's Peacock Hill and Franklin. When she retired  in 1927, local residents begged her to continue teaching their children and grandchildren. So, she opened her own kindergarten, where she taught for 35 more years. Miss Lucy's kindergarten was located at the site of today's Anthony's parking lot. 
Miss Lucy and students in Gig Harbor's first schoolhouse
at the head of the bay (Peacock Hill & Franklin)

As a fellow educator, Karen found a connection to Miss Lucy:

When I think of Miss Lucy, the first description that comes to mind is "Gig Harbor's own Energizer Bunny," she just kept going and going and going....As a former teacher, it was especially meaningful to me to learn of this teacher whose love for her students shines through in articles about her and in memories people have shared. I just hope I can do justice to this vibrant, dedicated teacher who had such an impact on generations of Gig Harbor families.
Karen Haas, storyteller and educator 

Don't miss this special one-time performance of Karen Haas as Miss Lucy. Call 253-858-6722 ext. 2 to reserve your seat.

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