Friday, May 3, 2013

Savage Ancient Sea Monsters in Gig Harbor!

Don't miss this new exhibit at the Harbor History Museum...

Savage Ancient Seas...through July 14

As the tag line says...when dinosaurs ruled the land, sea monsters ruled the sea.  And we're showing some of the biggest prehistoric sea monsters of all time.

Travel back 65 to 145 million years ago to the dark waters of the Western Interior Seaway. Experience a world of huge carnivorous marine reptiles with double-hinged jaws and teeth in the middle of their palates, gigantic flesh-eating fish big enough to swallow an adult human whole, flying reptiles with three-foot skulls, and the biggest sea turtles to have ever lived. Unrivaled for their amazing varieties, voracious appetites, incredible teeth, and gaping jaws, the creatures in this exhibition are unlike anything known in today's world.

This exhibition, developed and created by Triebold Paleontology, brings prehistoric marine skeletons "up close and personal" -- as well as providing engaging informational kiosks, graphic panels, and touch specimens. Together, they provide visitors with a greater understanding and appreciation for these magnificent sea creatures.

And, special programming from Harbor WildWatch helps bring today's sea creatures into the museum! Be sure to stop by for...

Touch Tanks: Invertebrate Investigations...May 11, June 15, July 6; 11 am to 2 pm (museum lobby; free; does not include museum admission to exhibits)

Ocean Crafts: May 18 and June 29; 11 am to 2 pm; no charge (does not include museum exhibit admissions)

Special Lectures:

May 9: Jeff Christensen from the Seattle Aquarium presents the lecture "Sixgill Shark Research"
6:30 pm (no charge)

June 20: Joanne Moore presents "From Gig Harbor to the Arctic" 6:30 pm (no charge)

All programming takes place at the Harbor History Museum...see you there!

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