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Museum Musings, Thoughts and reflections from Mrs. Neal’s 4th graders

Today’s blog is being brought to you by, as stated above, Mrs. Neal’s 4th graders.  These students had the wonderful opportunity to spend a class day at the pioneer school conducted in Midway School, School District No. 79, currently located at the Harbor History Museum in Gig Harbor, Washington.  I think you will be amazed at the work of these 4th graders, and the following is taken from their class newspaper.

So here we go!  (Please forget me, but I will capitalize the titles of the various entries.)


My class went to the Harbor History Museum.  Before we left the museum we were in the gallery.  I was just walking along, minding my own business and I saw the one and only Round Rock Contest.  Those rocks were so round that I could use it as a bowling ball.  I never knew that rocks could be so round.  What’s cool about this is that they still do this today.  So go try to find a round rock and maybe you’ll win the cash prize.  

St. Nicholas Catholic Church

Mrs. Neal’s fourth grade class just went to the Harbor History museum.  We saw the church gallery.  In it they had clothes, pictures, and things from almost all the churches in Gig Harbor.  There was a lot from my church.  My church is St. Nicholas Catholic Church.  Things they had were an old metal cross from 1914, the first baptism dress worn by the first child to ever be baptized there, and more.  So if you want to see the church gallery, hurry up because they change exhibits every few months.


DONKEY CREEK by London (?)

On March 11 we went to Midway School house and went on a walk at Donkey Creek.  When we walked there we learned about how Donkey Creek was farmed, and what happened to it in the older days.  I learned that the Indians did special dances to bring the salmon back and the salmon came back!  I also learned that they let the salmon to stay there and rot to make good soil.  I’m so glad we went to Midway school house!


THE 5-FINGER LESSON by Paige Gladstone

On thing we did at the Midway School House was the 5-finger lesson.  Everybody got a writing booklet and traced their hand.  We wrote honesty, truthfulness, punctuality, cleanliness, and kindness.  It was alot of fun!  We had to be all of those things at school and as well at home.  The school mark wanted us to memorize those important words.  I will always remember the 5-finger lesson!



When we went to the Harbor History museum one of the first things we did was the 1901 pledge of allegiance by Francis Bellam in 1855.  Then in 1931 that pledge ended because Hittler did almost the exacte movements.  Here is how you do it.  First you pick someone to hold the flag.  Then they stand on the eage of stage with their left hand holding the flag.  All the scalars (class) stands up on the right side of our desks.  We put our right hand a little over our right eye.  We say “I pledge allegiance to my flag.”  When you say flag you put your right hand in front of your body with your palm up.  You  keep your hand like that for the rest of the pledge which is “And the republic for which it stands, one nation indivisible, liberty and justice for all.”


(MATH) ARITHMETIC by Gwen Anderson

One of my favorite things that I did at the schoolhouse was math (arithmetic).  Math at the school house was very interesting because of the way they wrote the equation problems.  The way they wrote them was with no symbol on the left side of the numbers like this:

There is no symbol so you can tell whether you are multiplying or dividing or whatever kind of equation you are solving.  


On March 11 we went to the Midway school house.  I liked a lot of things at the Midway school house because we call it Midway for short.  The best thing I liked about Midway is the cursive writing.  Cursive writing because we got to learn to write 3 words.  Each person had to write 3 words in cursive because we learned how to write 3 leters in cursive l, a, i and t.  So that is all we learned about cursive.  BY:  T.T



Can you guess what the teachers were like in 1901.  Well they were some strict teachers.  If you didn’t do exactly what the school mark told you to do you would get a consequence.  They’re strict, but if you do exactly what the school mark said to do you might end up being the school marks best helper.  I hope I can visit someday again.



On March 11, 2014 Mrs. Neal’s class went to the Harbor History Museum.  There was a really cool …station bvise.  Now I can almost say dollar in Indian.  There was so many words from a to z.  I was glad to go there and learn about Indian language.



My favorite part at the Harbor History Museum was entering the school house.  We had to stand in two different lines.  One line for girls and the other one for boys.  Then you had to hold your hand out so they could make sure your hands were not dirty.  As soon as you entered the school house she’d assigned sets.  Entering the school house is really fun.


I really like that they make the museum fun by adding games and activities to the boring parts of the museum.  My favorite acidity was I spy the artifacts.  There was this big room full of artifacts.  Then you get an I spy paper and pencil.  You were supposed to check off the artifacts you find until you were finished.  By Will


SONGS by Payton Danosky

The Harbor History Museum had many interesting things.  My favorite part was singing the songs.  I liked it when we kept adding on to the song, she is coming around the mountain, here she comes TOOT, TOOT, She is coming with six white horses, WHOAH BACK!  TOOT TOOT.  The songs at the Midway school house were really sun!  


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