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Museum Musings Thoughts and reflections from Mrs. Neal’s 4th graders - Continued

I want to thank all the young students for the review of the Harbor History Museum and their day attending Midway School #79.  We need to keep an eye on these young people because it won't be long before many of them are being published in the general media whether it be in writing or art.  I am so proud of each and every one of them.  All I can say is "Keep up the great work!

Museum Musings Thoughts and reflections from Mrs. Neal’s 4th graders - Continued

Wedding Dresses by Isabelle Johnson

Beautiful wedding dresses line up in the church gallery.  On a wedding dress there are lacy flowers that go to the west.  Another dress is shiny white.  There were four wedding dresses.  For the kids going to the adult’s wedding the girls would wear white little dresses.  There were no boys clothes on display.  The ladies getting married wear pretty shoes too.  They wear little white shoes with flowers on the top.  As my friends and I walked through the gallery the wedding dresses definitely caught our eyes.

By Sophie Jangaro (?) 

The clothes you wore to school were very interesting.  Mo…. girls wore a colorful skirt, an apron, a bonet and a white blows.  All the boys wore a white or gray sh… with tall white knee soxs.  The school mark wore a black skirt, a gray and black lacy shirt.  It was hard to find all of the cloths for most people but it was easy for me.  I got all the stuff from friends.  It was fun to see every one dress up.  

Dressing up was super fun.  I wish we could do it again. 


Songs by Zoe Woinell

One of my favorite songs was My Bonnie went over the ocean.  I loved the part when you put your hands up when you herd the B in Bonnie or any other word starting with B.  It was funny puting your hands up, but also very difficult going the same time as the beat.  Every time the school mark sang the song she went faster until you could not do it any more.  The singing was very fun to me.


By Jack

The Midway School was moved from its organle spot.  So people could see the school.  But in the prossces they had to take it apart before they moved it.  They moved it on a big house truck all the way to the museum.  How people role play like they were in 1901. 


By Curtis

We had so much fun at the Midway School House sat the Harbor History Museum.  The inside of the schoolhouse was very interesting.  On the inside there is a chalkboard, a board with the Pledge of Allegiance a long time ago.  We had a chalk board, a notepad, and a McGuffy reader.  We has a great time at the Harbor History Musem!


Consequences by Harlic (?)

Back in 1901 the consequences were very striked.  If you were talking wile the teacher is talking you will probably get to stand in the corner.  If you were rude you would stand with a book on your head.  Two other consequences is that you would neal on a bench and put ………


Strict School Marms by Alena

Strict school marks are very strict.  They have a serious face all the time and when you get in trouble she will have a really really serious face.  So never mess with a strict school marm, but when you are pretending she is nice but askes strict.
A Strict School Marm and Paddle


The Round Rock Contest by Nathan Ehler

At the museum we saw this part called the round rock contest.  The round rock contest is basically a … contest yo see who’s “rock is the roundest.”  The winner wins a lot of money.  And they still do the round rock contest.  Mabye I could win it this year.  Mabye even you!


Tools we used in the school house by …………….

Some of the tools we used in the school house were mini chalk boards witch we had to hold horizontal, but if you turn it the other way you would have a consequence.  We also used a writing book with paper and 2 holes and twine wrapped though the wholes.  The scholars used the McGuffy reading.  I hope you have as fun as I did.



On March 11, 2014 I went on a field trip.  We sang songs, played gams, and learned lots of new things, but my favorite thin was lunch.  This lunch isn’t just any lunch, it was old school lunch.  There were hard boiled eggs, jars of water, jerky and jam.  Ooooo that was good food.
My Favorite Lunch


By Rocco Romzone

On Nov 7, 1940 the Narrows Bridge collapsed in to the sound.  People had to leave their cars and flee off the bridge.  Luckily only a dog died.  The owner of the dog couldn’t get it out because it turned rabid and tried to bite him.  The owner had to leave him.  They cal it Galloping Gertle because when the brig was collapsing it looked like a horse galloping.  It looked like this.
Narrows Bridge Collapsing


Persona by Andrew

I was born in 1892. My mom named me Roy.  My mom is a sewer and she also loves to cook and catch fish for us.  I have 1 brother and 1 sister.  He is 13 years old and he likes to go fishing.  His main goal is salmon and golden potac? his name is Finnick.  My sister is 11 years old she likes to sew my pants when they are ripped and sometimes sew for fun.  Her name is Johnna.  My dad is a blacksmith.  He likes to hunt animals like hare, deer and wolves.  My dad is 46 years old and made the very first tower.  I like to go fishing and brings metal for my dad so he can build things for my school.  I am 9 years old and I’m Master Roy.


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