Thursday, May 15, 2014

2039 Gig Harbor Lighthouse Time Capsules

Have you purchased your new time capsule for the opening in 2039?

As you will recall we recently experienced the opening of the first Gig Harbor Lighthouse time capsules celebrating the 25th anniversary of the lighthouse itself.  The sale of all those numerous time capsules benefited the Gig Harbor Harbor History Museum and the Gig Harbor BoatShop, both of which are non-profit organizations benefiting the community of Gig Harbor, Washington.

Well, the students of the Midway School, District No. 79, have purchased their capsule and have been as busy as bees accumulating items to tuck away in their 4-inch diameter, 18-inch length capsule.  There will be a collection of materials and items from the many students attending classes at the Midway School.  And it’s not just the students, the schoolmarms and schoolmasters will also contribute items.

Some of the Midway School 2014 Year “Pioneer School Experience Time Capsule” items will include:
  • Statement and background information from Headmistress Abigail Bennett AKA Leann O’Neill
  • Statement from former Curator, Victoria Blackwell including photos 
  • Statement of program volunteers
  • Statements from participating teachers, parent chaperones and students
  • List of participating schools and their teachers
  • Exhibit cards for “Going to the Chapel” and “Water’s Extreme Journey” since these are the only exhibits that the 2014 program participants will be commenting on
  • Memorabilla from the Midway Schoolhouse 120th Birthday Party including a schoolhouse cookie cutter
  • Mini slate writing tablet
  • Mini souvenir book about the schoolhouse
  • Sell sheet about Midway in History and book copy
  • Program brochure
  • Museum rack card
  • Example of rubbing done by students from the main gallery in the museum
  • Mini copybook example
  • Mini covers for Teacher, Schoolmarm/Master, and Volunteer packets
  • Photos and bios of schoolhouse educators and their alter egos
  • Photos of the school groups at the musem
  • Photos of program volunteers
  • Copy of “Museum Manners” poster
  • Donkey Creek Interpretive Walk information
  • CD or videos
  • Newspaper articles 

All these items to be discovered when the various students, many accompanied by children of their own, attend the 2039 Time Capsule Opening Anniversary.  There will be much laughter, smiles and comments floating through the air as the families gather and discover how much has changed and how much has remained the same.

Hopefully the schoolchildren and the teachers at Midway School have given you some ideas as to what to put in your own time capsule despite the fact that their items relate to a school experience in 2014 when they were imagining and acting out roles of what school might have been like had they attended Midway School during its active life in 1901.

If you need some additional ideas, you might consider some of the following suggestions:
  • Newspaper clippings of things you, your family, your business or school 
  • Photos of family, business, club, community
  • History of any or all of the above
  • Copies of poetry or manuscripts; your own or something that has special meaning to you
  • Newspaper ads including prices of current businesses 
  • Membership roster of your club including minutes of one of the meetings
  • Predictions of what you think 2039 will be like
  • Favorite family recipes or history
  • Letters written from current generation to a future generation
  • Pictures of current styles
  • Bottle of wine or beer, wrapped in cloth, to age
  • Old cell phone with manual
  • CD containing message to future family members (hopefully the 2039 technology will be able to play)
  • Mixed tape of favorite popular music and means to play
  • Sport cap or t-shirt from favorite sports team or player

Basically whatever you want and think would be fun and interesting to future generations to discover/

But the most important thing is to support your local non-profit Harbor History Museum and Gig Harbor BoatShop through the purchase of a time capsule.  You can purchase a time capsule any time through and including June 8, 2014.  Check out Gig Harbor Lighthouse Association on Facebook to stay current.  Stop by the Gig Harbor Chamber of Commerce booth at the Maritime Gig and pick up a capsule.

Thanks, and see you at the 50th Gig Harbor Lighthouse Anniversary in 2039!

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