Saturday, August 22, 2015

Summer Sabbatical

Three years, nine months. 1,369 days. 192 weeks. 415 blogs.  The result on August 23 is a total of 57,453 pageviews.  Average monthly visitors 2,300.

Researching and writing a weekly blog and posting Emmett Hunt’s diary entries each week occasionally causes brain freeze or panic.  

Oh my gosh, what can I highlight this week?  That’s a great idea but there’s no source material, what am I going to do.  This one is perfect, but it’s far too long.  There are no pictures or illustrations to highlight the written word.  Have I concentrated too much on one area of the community and overlooked all the others? Tick, tock, the clock is running,  I’m  out of time.

What to do?  What to do?  What to do?  Think. Think. Think.

Ah hah!  I have it.  I’ll take a vacation for the month of September. 

In October, the blogs will continue however instead of weekly, it will appear every other week.  

Emmett Hunt’s blogs though will still be there every week.

And don't forget to read next Thursday's blog . . . it's fascinating!

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