Friday, February 26, 2016

Kopa Chuck Lodge-Continuation of Summer Camps on Horsehead Bay Thanks to an Anonymous Reader

     Here are a few bits on Kopa Chuck, if you don't already have them.  The files are numbered in chronological order.  As noted in the newspaper advertisement in attached file #7, in addition to the lodge, Kopa Chuck also had a number of individual cabins.  In the late 1950s when the land was being turned into Kopachuck State Park, the cabins were sold and Spadoni Brothers moved several of them to different locations.  One of the cabins they moved still exists as a house on the hill above Spadoni's equipment yard.  Annette Bannon has several photographs of that cabin being trucked up the hill.  The truck used still exists, though it's now just a rusting hulk.
1 Kopa Chuck Lodge opens in 1938, Seattle Daily Times 5-25-1938 page 18 .jpg2 advertisement for Kopa Chuck Lodge, Seattle Daily Times, 5-25-1938 page 19  .jpg3 Kopa Chuck advertisement, Seattle Daily Times, 5-17-1939 page 25 .jpg4 Kopa Chuck Lodge open for second year, Seattle Daily Times, 6-21-1939 page 18 .jpg5 kopachuck adds horses, looks forward to new Tacoma bridge, SDT 6-26-1940 p 12.jpg6 Booming business at Kopa Chuck, Seattle Daily Times, 7-24-1940 page 8 .jpg7 kopachuck ad SDT 6-18-1941 p17 .jpg8 Kopa Chuck sold SST 6-9-1946 p24 .jpg9 don't know if this is the same Kopa Chuck, Seattle Daily Times, business incorporations, 8-2-1946 page 16 .jpg10 Kopa Chuck artists, Seattle Sunday Times, 8-28-1949 .pdf
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