Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dr. Ivanovich credit to Gig Harbor

Did You Know?  Dr. Peter T. Ivanovich was awarded a Shield of High Honor by the Japanese for his work in the field of dialysis and kidney transplant in 1975?

Dr. Ivanovich is the son of Mato and Maria Ivanovich. Peter attended Lincoln Elementary School in downtown Gig Harbor (site of today's Church of Latter Day Saints), and graduated from Bellarmine Prep, Seattle University, and St. Louis University School of Medicine.

Dr. Ivanovich pioneered in the field of dialysis and was director of chronic-dialysis and research for the Spokane Inland Empire Artificial Kidney Center of Sacred Heart Hospital during the early development of dialysis.  He developed a pilot cooperative program for transplantation and maintenance of dialysis patients. 

He served as consultant, director, and adviser in numerous other hospital and university programs and wrote intensively on all aspects of kidney disease.

In 1979, Dr. Peter T. Ivanovich at age 50 was promoted to full professorship with tenure at Northwestern University’s Medical School.  It usually took 10 years for a person to be elevated from associate professor to a full professorship. He had only joined Northwestern University in 1975.  He also served as chief of the hemodialysis unit of the Veterans Administration Lakeside Hospital in Illinois.

At that time, he ran the artificial kidney program, was in charge of dialysis, and the head of the peritoneal dialysis program. A list of his credentials ran 24 single spaced legal-sized pages in 1975.  Can you imagine what it would run today?

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