Friday, April 13, 2012

Shenandoah Restoration Project "ramping" up

Early photo of F/V Shenandoah - in her prime!

The Shenandoah restoration volunteers  - a great group of guys - are getting started tomorrow on building the stairs that will provide access to the boat's aft deck.  This is something we've been anticipating for many months now. Shipwright Nate Slater will direct his crew on building the staircase, which will provide access for the working volunteers on the weekends, and eventually visitor access in the coming months.  Just think of sitting in the cabin having a cup of coffee, listening to some of Gig Harbor's own fishermen telling their true stories of the great fishing days...Later this year, that will happen!

If you haven't stopped by the museum on a weekend, now is the time to see the restoration crew in action. The workshop is up and running and several safety projects have been completed in preparation for work now beginining on the boat itself.

If you want to join in the restoration, please stop in on a Saturday or Sunday and talk to Nate, or Warren - the project coordinator.

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  1. Thought you might notice that the galley is down below in this photo. Can you see the stack in front of the pilot house?