Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Emmett Hunt's Diary & Did You Know?

Looking Back in History on This Day in 1880 and Did You Know?

Don’t you think it would be fun to follow Emmett Hunt's days as he spent them?  We’ll start in 1880 and continue on through the years.  For those of you who keep a diary you can see at a glance how your day in 2012 and Emmett’s day in 1880 were alike, and how they differed.  Emmett’s diary was chosen because he was a prolific diarist. More on the life of Emmett later!

Sometimes, we will combine Emmett’s diary entries with some “Did You Know?” comments in a single blog.  Maybe you have also noted Did You Know? comments that have been appearing on the Harbor History Museum’s reader board. 

And so,

Emmett's Diary:  On this day April 4, 1880, Sunday, Emmett wrote in his diary “Weather only moderate – Attended Church Sabbath School”.

And, Did You Know?

The building located at
7407 Soundview Drive
was originally built in 1915 for Gig Harbor's Perkins Funeral Home and Mortuary.

As the community grew, Perkins purchased a few acres of land adjacent to Highway 16 for use as a cemetery; old records indicate the first burial was in 1954. The business was sold to Richard and Ruth Berg in 1964 and they immediately began construction of an on-site funeral home at the Highway 16 cemetery and gave the name "Haven of Rest Memorial Park" to the cemetery.

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