Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hunting Easter Eggs

Children scatter through City Park on Vernhardson Street in search of Easter Eggs in this Frank Owen Shaw photo dated April 13, 1952.  This was the first Annual Easter Egg Hunt in the park.  Looks like the weather was a bit warmer in 1952!

Peninsula School District originally owned the land, containing Crescent Valley School, now the John Paul Jones Masonic Lodge.  In 1949, the School District sold the 1915 school building to the Masons.

The surrounding land had been a park for many years, dating back to the Thirties.  Works Progress Administration crews, earning $55 for a six-day week, built the shingled picnic structure.  The verdigris plaque is still there.  Town officials named it City park.  

Gradually the town added improvements.  In 1956, tennis courts were built.  In 1965, a new wellhouse. Playground equipment, bathrooms and rock sculptures have been added, too.

In this 1952 photo, East Gig Harbor was still largely farms.  The Mathias and Elise Jacobson barn and house are seen in the background.  The house is still standing today.

This year children will enjoy hunting eggs at the Sehmel Homestead Park and at Wild Birds in downtown Gig Harbor.

Linda McCowen, Historic Photo Editor
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